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"The perfection of the Universe has once again filled me with awe, humility and compassion Knowing you has touched my soul, shining light and healing on places I so feared to go.
Please know that my heart is truly filled with gratitude for your authentic presence and openness. May your chakras shine with your Divine radiance." Nancy

"Thank you for being part of our lives. Always have you on our minds... My daughter and I speak wonders of you... you are miraculous! We have evolved and blossoming! I thank you for being the person God placed in our path to help us to the next chapter in our lives! I have no words to express the gratitude I have towards you! M. P."

Voice for Hope Healers of Planet Earth - Testimonial"Janine Fafard has been a dear and wonderful friend to me and the organizations I have led for the past seven years. During her powerful sessions, both in person and at distance, she evokes [for ME] a visceral physiological response that affirms movement! I have consulted her for help with personal challenges as well as organizational initiatives. She can always elegantly and methodically integrate professional with ‘enigmatic’. Drawing upon life experience as well as a voracious desire to learn, she continually works with masters to refine her skills. Janine is a rare gift to energy healing, a remarkable intuitive who has developed a sophisticated approach for accelerating deep transformation. "

"I cannot say enough about Janine and her EFT technique. Her ability to heal and guide you through your ‘stuff’ and resolve it instantaneously is nothing shy of a miracle. After 4 sessions (I am a bit stubborn so it took a little bit for me), my life has changed, my family members' lives have changed and my friends lives have changed! After years of searching and looking for answers and solutions to ‘why’ am I the way I am, I am beginning to understand and I have a sense of peace that I have not known for a very long time. I am looking forward to becoming my destined being now that the ‘clutter’ is simply falling away easily and gently.

If you are interested in making a change in your life that sticks, is easy and effective then a session with Janine is a solution for your life. I have never felt so safe with anyone else in my life.

I am honored and blessed to have Janine in my life!"

I have traveled the world and sat with many gurus and healers yet the journey truly began when Janine guided me within…It has been the most transformative experience of my life…I now have an unshakeable faith.”

Janine, you are AWESOME, simply an amazing woman. God gave you the gift of making a difference I have no doubt about it…thanks for using it and most important, the way you use it.”

Not only are her workshops a good team-building and motivational experience but they also give each person an important tool to continue to use for stress reduction and relaxation during the work day. The Tico Times highly recommends your workshops!”

Your strength, your gentleness, your wisdom and skill in healing others, body-mind and heart, was crystal clear to all of us. Thank you for being you!”