This individual program is based on the old Greek maxim “Know Thyself”.

Learn how to restore balance at all levels of your life.


  • To learn about Who You really Are
  • To learn about your 5 bodies: Physical, Energy, Mental, Supra-mental and Bliss
  • To learn how to live from the Witness Consciousness


  • Understand and manage stress
  • Enhance clarity and creative thinking
  • Improve communication skills
  • Cultivate leadership and teamwork
  • Increase overall effectiveness in your life and workplace
  • Make better decisions, be more productive
  • Live a more balanced life

Week 1: Release tension

Listen to your Physical body’s wisdom. Your body is the temple of the Soul but you barely know your body and rarely hear it’s true messages.

Week 2 & 3: Recharge batteries

Discover your Energy body, your Chakras. “Energy is all there is” as per Einstein. The basis of all your problems is a misuse of energy therefore learning about your energy body gives you real control over your health and over your life.

Week 4: Restore balance

Tap into your cellular memory: Mental body – “The mind is in every cell” as per Dr.Candace Pert. Everything you need to know is within you, never without, so you need to learn how to tap into that knowledge.

Week 5: Reboot nervous system

Delete your false beliefs: Supra-mental body – Your subconscious controls 95% of your life and it is programmed before 8 years old. The yogic tradition knows that fact for thousands of years, the modern science is proving it lately. Within the subconscious lie “false beliefs” which need to be deleted and replaced.

Week 6: Reclaim your power

Move into your Witness consciousness: Bliss body – “Self-observation is the highest form of spiritual practice”. More you learn about the art of relaxation, more you feel strong, safe and at peace with yourself and with the world.


  • 20-30 minute Assessment Call
  • 3 Tapping into Soul sessions (in person or via Skype): to be scheduled around your need
  • Weekly 1–hour audio/video on the subject
  • Weekly workbook
  • Weekly internet meeting for Q&A
  • One Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) audio/video

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