Learn to release the unconscious fear preventing you from becoming pregnant.

TAPPING INTO FERTILITY is a part of the “Tapping into Soul” Program: 

Tapping into Soul is a unique self-healing inner journey based on yoga psychology & energy medicine. It is a simple and swift dive into your cellular memory (chitta) to search and pull out the root cause of your problem. It provides fast breakthroughs in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Tapping into Soul allows your soul to speak to you to re-establish new coherent energy pathways, new level of resonance within your cells and a higher level of harmony within your whole BEING.

Tapping into Soul goes beyond regression or hypnosis and creates a leap in consciousness which immediately infuses more peace and more happiness within you.

Your soul is in no need of healing or salvation but re-connecting with your soul releases all healing powers within you.

Why is Tapping into Soul helping with FERTILITY?

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