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“Where your deepest fears lies, your greatest talent hides!”

I have lived in Costa Rica for nearly 30 years. I have combined my tourism industry experience with studying, practicing and teaching yoga & energy psychology. While being an eternal student, I am a Certified Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 1989, a Certified Yoga of the Heart Teacher, a Certified EFT practitioner and a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach.

In 1991, I designed an inner therapeutic yoga practice entitled Tapping into Soul (originally called Soul Surrender Healing), and have been facilitating this amazingly fast and unique self-healing journey with thousands of people, locally and internationally!

In addition to facilitate private sessions (in person or via internet); leading workshops and Circles of Women; giving lectures and teaching yoga classes, my commitment to community service inspired me to organize multiple healing arts lectures, events & journeys for many people visiting Costa Rica.

I have taught and facilitated my TiS in various Central and South American countries, Canada, United States, Mexico and Italy. Since 2005, I am a member of ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine): I participated in various of their conferences and  also gave 3 presentations about my own work. I am a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), a member of AHEFT (Asociacion Hispano de EFT) and EFTUniverse.

My latest endeavors are writing a book and creating a virtual training about my self-healing process “Tapping into Soul.”

A bit more about me: sharing a slightly edited text I wrote over 15 years ago for a Women’s Gathering on the Isle of Iona in Scotland.

Imagine watching snapshots of my life projected on a screen in front of you:

A small village very far up north of the province of Quebec: it’s 1957 and I am a 5-year old French-Canadian girl (youngest of 9 children) looking at the stars, crying and wanting to go HOME…A traumatic event is deeply imprinted in my cells (it will surface to my conscious mind much later in life). That event sets me up on an unconscious search for God (who I only knew as the Father in those days). In 1964 my beloved biological father died. I get uprooted and moved to the big city. At 14, I nearly won a national contest to become a young astronaut (I thought it might get me closer to God). At 15, I wrote a terribly pessimistic essay titled “Earth”, Agamemnon style, but highly praised by my teacher. I described Earth as a precious living entity that had no choice but to wipe out the parasites killing her… I felt helpless and hopeless to correct the horrors inflicted upon Mother Earth by humans. At 16, I traveled across Canada up to the Artic and got my first revelation of the Oneness but…my soul was weeping.

For many years, I sought solace in books and travels, while developing a strong rational mind to protect myself. I worked in the travel business in exotic lands. It became my evasion. I enjoyed weaving and manifesting people’s “dream vacation”. I navigated swiftly from hard work to frivolous glamour; from surrounding myself by lots of people to long period of isolation; from dry intellectual-philosophical conversations to heated metaphysical arguments but…my soul was weeping.

Eileen Caddy, the founder of Findhorn, & me in 2002

Easter week of 1989, alone with Eileen Caddy the founder of Findhorn, in the meditation room: I begged God to tell me what my direction was. Huge and vivid letters WORLD PEACE appeared against an infinite blueness in my mind’s eye. It was the end of a week-long “Psyche & Soul” conference. That conference was the culmination of an intense 4-year period of spiritual practices and informal psychotherapy training in Montreal. My teacher was an extraordinary gifted woman, a “seer”, but she also was power-hungry. Our teacher-disciple relationship ended rather painfully but it kicked me free to discover new territories, literally and metaphorically. I moved to Victoria, BC, following spirit orders…The Universe immediately applauded my choice by showering me with blessings, visions and guidance. I started embodying my Rainbow Warrior energy…

After Findhorn I returned to Victoria and started Earth Day 1990-Canada. After an hectic 4-month period I again lived a painful ending. I couldn’t bear the abuse of power of a so-called project partner so…Late 89, I moved to Costa Rica for a 4-month contract but Spirit kept me there for 5 years! In 1990, I started teaching yoga, slowly connecting with the Divine Mother energy (and a world philanthropist woman came into my life), developing my own healing work I called Cellular Memory and facilitating lectures and workshops. I also created Costa Rica Rainbow Connection, a local (and a bit international) networking and spiritual travel business. I was too much ahead of my time so it didn’t last! Mid-94, another painful betrayal sent me on a 3-year roaming journey in the USA, Canada and the jungle of Yucatan. While in Guatemala for a short time, I thought I was dying so I returned to Costa Rica late 97. Wonderful caring soul sisters help me back unto my feet. I got back teaching yoga full time, doing my Cellular Memory sessions which became known as Soul Surrender Healing and also organizing lectures and workshops for the guests of the philanthropist.

Back to NOW.

From early childhood on, I have known that “I, chose the road less traveled by”. I have also known that my desire to explore outer space became more and more a never-ending exploration of “inner space”. And that has been my main drive. By diving into my own inner space, my own psyche, it has enabled me to “hold a space” for people to reconnect with their own Soul. Dr. Frawley’s phrase “Getting to the level of the Soul is the key to all forms of healing” became my moto.

My private sessions, which are now called Tapping into Soul, have evolved and bloomed to a very powerful process. I love opening doors and empowering each person to become their own shaman, their own healer, their own Self…

Bringing Inner Peace into the heart of each of my soul friends helps me fulfill the direction I was given 30 years ago at Findhorn: World Peace!