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This individual program can help relieve anxiety, depression, chronic pain, phobias, allergies, weight issues, relationship or money problems…

Your Soul can cure all ills and unleash your full potential, power and passion!

Tapping into Soul® is a unique self-healing inner journey based on yoga psychology & energy medicine. It is a simple and swift dive into your cellular memory (chitta) to search and pull out the root cause of your problem. It provides fast breakthroughs in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Tapping into Soul allows your soul to speak to you to re-establish new coherent energy pathways, new level of resonance within your cells and a higher level of harmony within your whole BEING.

Tapping into Soul goes beyond regression or hypnosis and creates a leap in consciousness which immediately infuses more peace and more happiness within you.

Your soul is in no need of healing or salvation but re-connecting with your soul releases all healing powers within you.

Time to exercise your soul muscles and listen to your soul messages!

Every problem, difficulty, issue of health, money or relationship comes from a degree of disconnection with your soul essence. This state of un-ease within your soul leads to a misuse of energy, the source of your dis-ease. There is a place within your own consciousness in which you have denied the flow of love to enter – it results in a place in your body where the flow of energy is also denied.

“Janine es una mujer especial, que transmite calma, confianza, seguridad, esa sensación de que todo está en su sitio.  A mí me ha ayudado con problemas de ansiedad que arrastraba desde la muerte de un bebé durante mi embarazo. 

Janine me enseñó a poner atención a mi respiración y me llevó de la mano a despedirme del miedo que me tenía atenazada y que llevaba años limitando mi vida. 
No tengo más que palabras de agradecimiento para esta extraordinaria mujer que me ha ayudado a recuperar mi paz y mis ganas de seguir luchando por mis sueños.”
Isabel C. (España)




Learn how to improve your relationship with money.

Soul intelligence is the new paradigm for a conscious entrepreneur.

Experience Success without Stress: If you are distressed with your level of success – dissatisfied with your financial situation – disheartened with your lack of joy in life…

 This workshop will show you a way out of your financial crisis or glass ceiling and substantially improve your financial power!

  • You will explore your emotional money wiring which holds you back.
  • You will dive-in your money limiting beliefs and blocks which keep you stuck.
  • You will learn how to transform your early money paradigm which sabotages your actions.
  • You will discover processes such as: Money Map, Hidden Agenda, Financial Traumas, Goal Trauma, and Setting Outrageous Goals!
  • You will open a door to a new relationship with MONEY!

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