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Learn to be more at peace within and without.

Relaxation raises your vibration and leads to transformation

1 to 4-hour Talk / Workshop

Enlivening, Enlightening and so very Practical!

Our minds and bodies are always running a mile a minute trying to ensure we meet all the demands in our lives. All this stress leaves us exhausted and wondering how to navigate our lives in a way that allows us to feel more at peace and harmony.

Stress costs businesses money every year. Stress creates pain in your organization. Stress creates crisis situations in the work place.

This is a 1 to 4-hour experiential lecture, with a power point presentation, in which everyone will understand, feel and learn how to switch-off-stress!

This talk provides a full understanding of the cause and the effects of stress and it’s most important solution and is adapted to whatever selected group in your organization.

The tools we offer are simple and practical yet powerful and efficient to help diminish stress and sickness. They enhance concentration, productivity and general well-being. They are based on a 6000-year old Yoga Science and also highly recognized in modern Energy Medicine.



    Learn freedom from any ailments at the tip of your fingers!

    Take charge of your health, at all levels, by restoring balance in your own energy flow.

    1 to 4-hour Talk / Workshop

    Releasing, Balancing and so very Healing!

    1 to 4-hour Talk / Workshop

    Learn how to use this fabulous Tapping technique on unresolved emotional issues, physical diseases, psychological dysfunctions or personal performance limits. This lecture/workshop can be easily adapted to your organization needs by focusing on a particular situation or crisis within your organization. Each person will discover how to activate their unlimited inner healing potential.

    What is TAPPING or EFT?

    It is freedom from ailments – at the tip of your fingers!

    Tapping is a gentle but effective healing and energy balancing technique which can easily be learned by everybody. Science is proving more and more that unresolved emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.

    It is based on the assumption that there is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Focused thought, combined with gentle fingertip tapping of key acupuncture points, clears energy block along the body’s meridians and quickly realigns them.

    Tapping while concentrating on physical symptoms or past traumas can dissolve emotional issues at a deep enough level that a physiological shift occurs and physical healing results. More and more scientific studies plus encouraging case reports from thousands of people all over the world keep pouring in – may it be about phobias, illnesses or workplace relationship issues. Properly applied, Tapping has often shown complete removal of symptoms or immediate immense improvement.

    EFT  means Emotional Freedom Technique and was created by Gary Craig. 



      A bridge to go back to your own center, to go back HOME!

      Relaxing, Harmonizing and so deeply Fulfilling!

      1h30 to 2-hour Class

      Relaxing, Harmonazing and so deeply Fulfilling!

      Yoga Nidra is a potent and useful Self-Love tool of deep relaxation to overcome anxiety, stress, fear, anger, depression, conflict without losing deep peace. It is an ancient form of meditation, a non-mental experience easy to learn and to practice. It is an exceptional fountain of youth often called “yogic sleep” though you remain aware and alert all through.

      Yoga Nidra leads you gently into a receptive relaxation state; you awaken your deepest intelligence to access higher levels of consciousness. In that peaceful twilight zone, you reconnect with an unlimited source of wisdom which provides the exact solution to various issues and problems you face in your daily life.

      The key is in “witnessing, not resisting”!

      Yoga Nidra is a real gift of inner peace. It teaches you how to live in the Now…It is pure Self-love in action!


      • Deeply relaxing for your body and your mind
      • Harmonizes your actions, thoughts and deeds
      • Uncovers your core negative beliefs and habit patterns
      • Supports problem resolution in your personal and interpersonal life
      • Releases and even eliminates chronic stress
      • Provides a deep sense of wholeness and security



        Program based on the old Greek maxim “Know Thyself”

        Learn how to restore balance at all levels of your life.

        6-week program

        Most of us have little knowledge of our true self.


        • To learn about Who You really Are
        • To learn about your 5 bodies: Physical, Energy, Mental, Supra-mental and Bliss
        • To learn how to live from the Witness Consciousness


        • Understand and manage stress
        • Enhance clarity and creative thinking
        • Improve communication skills
        • Cultivate leadership and teamwork
        • Increase overall effectiveness in your life and workplace
        • Make better decisions, be more productive
        • Live a more balanced life

        Week 1: Release tension

        Week 2 & 3: Recharge batteries

        Week 4: Restore balance

        Week 5: Reboot nervous system

        Week 6: Reclaim your power

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