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Learn to release the unconscious fear preventing you from becoming pregnant.

TAPPING INTO FERTILITY is a part of the “Tapping into Soul” Program: 

Why is Tapping into Soul helping with FERTILITY?

Tapping into Soul is a unique self-healing inner journey based on yoga psychology & energy medicine. It is a simple and swift dive into your cellular memory (chitta) to search and pull out the root cause of your problem. It provides fast breakthroughs in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Tapping into Soul allows your soul to speak to you to re-establish new coherent energy pathways, new level of resonance within your cells and a higher level of harmony within your whole BEING.

Tapping into Soul goes beyond regression or hypnosis and creates a leap in consciousness which immediately infuses more peace and more happiness within you.

Your soul is in no need of healing or salvation but re-connecting with your soul releases all healing powers within you.

“My miraculous pregnancy…

I chanced upon the YouTube videos and website of Janine sometime in 2019. I was looking for help to get pregnant as in prior year I had a miscarriage after an IUI procedure. I was 43 years old. I contacted Janine and we had an initial discussion despite the time difference as we are continents apart.
A healing session soon followed where Janine took me back to prior experiences to uncover issues which had not been resolved and were impeding me getting pregnant. I was surprised how it turned out. She helped me uncover a painful experience in my past (when I was a baby) and how it was connected to my present situation. She proceeded with a guided meditation  to heal the situation in my past, and then we proceeded with the tapping session.

We did only one session, as she said it was already okay. She said just do belly breathing and meditation.
After 2 months, I was resigned to getting more help via IVF. I visited a fertility doctor and was supposed to go for tests once I have my menstruation to see what options I have. Turned out I didn’t need to go for tests, I didn’t get my monthly period and tested positive on the pregnancy test!
My pregnancy went well and I delivered my beautiful healthy baby boy on 28 February 2020.
What joy it was! I am finally a mum!
I am thankful to Janine for her help, the healing session we did definitely helped me get pregnant naturally. Angels and healers are sent by God to help us.”

“Llegue donde Janine, después de pasar por 4 doctores especializados en fertilidad, por que la última doctora a diferencia de los tres anteriores, me dijo que no había explicación médica a mi problema de fertilidad, un amigo me contó el testimonio de una amiga de él, que logró quedar embarazada tras las sesiones con Janine y me pasaron el contacto, coordine cita con ella, y ahora tengo casi 7 meses de embarazo!”

~ Soran Araya Madriga

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